Water Filtration

Water Purification Systems

In more and more instances we rely on other water sources than the municipal supply to quench our thirst. It may be rain water captured in a tank or another source - SEASystems has a variety of water filters and purifiers that enables one to drink of this life giving substance with confidence! We stock the best value filter systems (usually 1/2 price to other retailers) available in Australia!

A well-designed water purification system uses a combination of filters and purification technology as each stage removes a specific type of contaminant.

The initial filter stage consists of sediment and carbon filters – often this is sufficient, especially when council water supply or similar is organic contamination free.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) removes 95 to 99% of all the contaminants found in water. It is the heart of any well designed water purification system because it effectively removes a broad range of contaminants. However, the tight porosity of the RO membrane limits its flow rate. Therefore, a storage container is used to collect water from the system and distribute it to other points-of-use.

A UV system is used for effective sterilization (photo-oxidation) of organic compounds. With these special lamps, Total Organic Carbon (TOC) levels in high purity water can be reduced to below 5 ppb (points per billion) of TOC.

This combination of purification technologies, combined with proper pre-treatment, will produce water that is virtually free of ionic, organic and microbial contamination.

SEASystems' water filtration systems come with filter cartridges and faucets included.


The under-sink 5 stage Reverse Osmosis purification model is a premium unit.
1st stage: PP-10-1 sediment cartridge
2nd stage:granular activated carbon cartridge
3rd stage: carbon block cartridge
4th stage: 200l/day Reverse Osmosis membrane
5th stage: post active carbon cartridge
12 litre plastic tank (without pump)
Flow rate: 200 litres in 24hrs.
Faucet included.



5 stage UV water filter
1st stage: PP-10-1 sediment cartridge
2nd stage: granular activated carbon cartridge
3rd stage: carbon block cartridge
4th stage : post active carbon filter
5th stage: UV (above 6000hrs lamp life)
Faucet included



Under-sink 2 stage water filter
1st stage : PP-10-1 sediment cartridge
2nd stage : 10' CTO (carbon block cartridge)
Faucet included



Under sink single water filter
Filter cartridge:10" PP-10-1 (sediment cartridge)
Size : 50*38*32cm



Housing to suit above filter systems
Size : 42*32*32cm



10'' Sediment filter cartridge - 1st stage in all water filters.
About three month usage before exchange is necessary.



10''GAC - Granulated Active Carbon Cartridge. 2nd stage in Reverse Osmosis and UV water filters. About six month usage before exchange is necessary.



10'' Carbon block filter. 3rd stage in Reverse Osmosis and UV Filters, second stage in under sink 2 stage water filter. About six month usage before exchange is necessary.



50GPD Reverse Osmosis membrane.
4th stage in Reverse Osmosis filter.
About two years usage before exchange is necessary.



Post active carbon filter.
5th stage in Reverse Osmosis filter or 4th stage in UV Filter.
About eight month before exchange is necessary.



10'' Yarn PP filter. Can be alternatively used as 1st stage or 3rd stage in Reverse Osmosis and UV filter.


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